" Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but foot prints "

- The Himalayan Kingdom of BHUTAN -

Four Seasons

Four different seasons to visit Bhutan

Spring: is arguably the most beautiful time of the year in the kingdom. The fierce cold that characterizes the winter months tends to subside towards the end of February (around Bhutanese New Year, Losar). Rhododendron begins to bloom, first in the warmer east. At the height of spring, the end of March, the whole kingdom comes to life with the spectacular flaming red, pink, and white of the rhododendron blossom. Besides that several festivals are held in March and April making it a meaningful and joyous journey for the cultural lovers.

Monsoon: from the Bay of Bengal affects the south and central regions. The north is inhabited in the summer months when nomads return to the higher plains to tend to their yak herds. The end of monsoon, also a popular time to visit, marks cobalt skies and warm weather.

Autumn: months of September bring shorter days and cooler evenings. The days remain lovely with crisp, clear skies. Views over the high Himalayas are usually only possible from September to March making it the most magnificent season for the trekkers.

Winter: falling below zero degrees Fahrenheit during the day. The advantage of a winter trip is the unparalleled opportunity to see the snow capped peaks of the high Himalaya Mountains.